Made with organic ingredients from ancient recipes in the Queen’s Sacred Apothecary, The Queen’s Pleasure arousal oil is a potion to drizzle on your nipples and pleasure centres (Yoni and Lingam).

Perfect for solo sensuality and for lovers. An external oil to smooth into your secret pleasure centres to allow, to stimulate and entice. You cannot help but be obsessed!

Sensual Lotions that provide the perfect luxurious pleasure.


Note : For menopausal women, our elixir sends rivers running between your thighs. We recommend you spend time with yourself getting to know your every sweet spot and taking time to self pleasure. Use on vulva and nipples.

A secret recipe

from the Queens of England, Pharaohs of Egypt and Rajas of India.

From the Spice Routes of ancient dynasties that connected Queens of old to the rare, mysterious spices brought on camels, ships, horses and by hand.

They were pampered with exotic herbs and their pleasures were the focus of the courtiers who whispered …

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What is your pleasure, my Queen?

Here’s what to do with our arousal oil

Take a moment of self pleasure. Put yourself first. You can actually make a diary date out of your busy day to enjoy yourself.

Take the elixir oil and suggestively drizzle it over your pleasure centres. Stroke. Breathe deeply. Sigh. Relax. Feel the liquid warming you.

It takes 10 minutes to start to tingle and work deeply into your energetic centres. Oooooh.

With a lover, drizzle over their clitoris, labia, nipples, balls and cock. Use anywhere externally.

Then choose your pleasure. Make your way across their body.

Tastes Delicious.


The Queen’s Pleasures, An outstanding offer you can’t resist!

Inarra Aryane Griffyn

is a Visionary life, love and business guide offering a Spiritual Elixir to creatives and entrepreneurs, to help them gain expression, visibility and opportunity.

She helps stimulate and enhance her client’s vision so that they generate, manifest and experience luxury, at their pace, in perfect timing.  

To do this, using the ancient cycles of the seasons and Moon and Solar alignments, such as the Spring Equinox or Autumn Equinox, she helps them activate new cycles of transformation. Her clients follow a series of mastery prompts, based on perfect timing to launch their products, programs and projects. Her recipe of mastery skills helps them unfold into their next level of business and life. They experience quantum transformation by following her recipe of “Luxury in harmony with Nature”, and she had guided many high level business owners to reach their dream life. 

“Give me one season of your life and I’ll navigate you through daring waters to your most powerful vision and a life filled with luxury.”

One foot in spiritual practices and one foot in marketing expansion she is the embodiment of the Aquarian High Priestess. She lives in London, UK. Her most recent work involves the creation of a line of natural organic vegan aphrodisiacs The Queen’s Pleasures.

Her mantra - “Luxury in harmony with Mother Earth.”